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Slow and steady wins the race to Net Zero?

The climate science is clear: the climate crisis is here and the time to act is now. Over the past years, governments and businesses have been making commitments and implementing actions to win the race to net zero. 

Great progress! – I hear you say. But what about the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)? Are they part of this transition?

The net zero commitment has been around for years, yet research shows that only 19% of SMBs in the UK have committed to a net zero target with a deadline. Something is not right.. What is holding them back? There are numerous challenges SMBs are facing. Insufficient budget, lack of internal knowledge, not enough time, you name it!

But if SMBs want to stay in business in 10 years they will need to jump on the bandwagon. In this blog, we’ll explain what the net zero transition means to your business and how founders of now can support you in your net zero journey.

What does net zero mean? 
In short, becoming a net zero business means reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in your direct operations and wider value chain to nearly zero. This involves adopting sustainable practices like using energy more efficiently, embracing renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and collaborating with suppliers to reduce value chain emissions.

The good news is, there are many frameworks and initiatives out there that can guide you in the right direction. Here are a few examples:

  • The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Standards and guidelines to help businesses measure and report on their carbon footprint 
  • Race to Zero: a UN-backed global campaign to take rigorous and immediate action to halve emissions by 2030
  • SME Climate Hub:  a non-profit global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

Even better news, we’re here to simplify the journey for you! By teaming up with founders of now, your business will gain the knowledge and support you need to start or progress your net zero journey.

We do this through three simple steps:

  1. Measure: Gathering accurate, complete and reliable data is the foundation of meaningful action. We don’t want you to waste time and resources on initiatives that do not create any value for your business. Knowing where the emission hotspots lie in your operations and value chain will simply help you avoid this.
  2. Plan and commit: Using your carbon footprint data, we’ll help you map out the risks and opportunities that your business might face under various future scenarios. With this information, we will assist you in formulating a clear commitment to achieving net zero emissions as quickly as possible.
  3. Report and communicate: Together, we’ll ensure that you can report your commitment and performance with accuracy and transparency. Effectively communicating your journey towards net zero is crucial for engaging stakeholders and building trust.