What we do

Providing a fresh perspective for complex issues

Born in 2023, Founders of Now helps small- and medium-sized businesses with their most pressing societal, strategic and organisational challenges. 

How it works


1. We’ll arrange an introduction meeting (no obligations) to learn more about your organisation and the challenges you face.


2. Depending on your needs and requirements, we’ll develop a detailed plan to address your challenge.


3. We will work, together with you, to tackle your problem, create new insights and unique solutions! 

Our services

We offer a wide-range of services helping you to get where you want to be faster and more efficient. Whether you need help with measuring your baseline performance, transform your organisation or communicate your efforts – we have what it takes.

We measure

Ever wondered how to start your sustainability journey? Conducting a materiality assessment is a great starting point. 

In a nutshell, a materiality assessment is an exercise in which you engage with your key stakeholder groups to prioritise the environmental, social and governance-related themes that impacts your business the most. These stakeholder groups can range from your employees, customers, suppliers, supply chain partners, NGOs and many more.

We also offer a range of other services to understand your baseline performance, including carbon footprint and benchmarking.

Example challenges

  • What are the material issues most important to my organisation and stakeholders? 
  • How do we more effectively collaborate with our stakeholders?
  • What is the greenhouse gas footprint of our organisation or our products/ services that we offer? 
  • How do we perform against other organisations in the sector?
  • What are the key trends that will shape our industry the future?

We transform

Today’s organisations are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of social, environmental, market, and technological trends. These require sophisticated,  sustainability-based and creative perspectives. At Founders of Now, we help you to translate your goals and ambitions into practical, measurable, and trackable initiatives. 

Example challenges

  • How do we prepare for upcoming trends that will shape the future of our organisation? 
  • How do we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across our organisation? 
  • How do we grow our organisation, while reducing our environmental impact? 
  • How do we engage with our supply chain to reduce our impact? 
  • How do enable our customers and key stakeholders to contribute towards our sustainability ambitions?

We communicate

Reporting and communicating your progress on sustainability is important for organisations, no matter their size. It will not only help you understand your impact, but also allow you to find areas to improve, and engage with stakeholders on the topics central in your efforts. Additionally, it will create awareness about the topics that matter most to your organisation and inspire others to join your journey.

Example challenges

  • How can we improve our transparency towards our stakeholders? 
  • What are the key messages we want to communicate? 
  • Which reporting framework or certification body should we use? 
  • How can we increase engagement within our organisation? 
  • How do we internally improve awareness on certain topics? 
  • How do we avoid greenwashing? 


The combination of accelerating climate change, rising income inequality, the COVID pandemic, and geopolitical conflicts have created a perfect storm of challenges to how organisations and societies are run. The themes and challenges of our time are not easy to solve alone. Explore the most common themes and challenges below.

Climate change

> What is our impact on climate change? > How do we adapt our business model to mitigate and respond to climate change?

Supply chain management

> How can we enhance supply chain resilience and flexibility in the face of disruptions?
> What are the challenges we could face when growing our global supply chain?

Future workforce

> How can we adapt to the changing expectations and needs of the workforce? > What strategies can we implement to address the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on jobs and skills?

Transparency & compliance

> How can we ensure the credibility and reliability of our reports to meet the expectations of stakeholders?
> How can we effectively combat the issue of greenwashing, ensuring that our claims and initiatives are genuine and transparent?

Energy transition

> How can we effectively transition to renewable energy providers while maintaining cost-effectiveness and energy reliability?
> What strategies can we employ to navigate the changing regulatory landscape and incentive programs?

Social justice

> How can we address systemic inequalities and biases in our workplaces and operations?
> How can we actively engage and collaborate with underrepresented communities?